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Budget Expenditures
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Fiscal Year 09-10

Fiscal Year 10-11


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Fiscal Year 13-14
Fiscal Year 14-15
 $300,000  $90,909    $209,091

Project Description
Grants and/or matching funds will be made available to Main Street business owners to enhance existing building design.  Owners and tenants may be eligible for the reimbursement grant as incentive to partner with the City of La Porte to achieve a mutual goal of visually enhancing their business and the Main Street District. 

First Quarter FY 14-15
A business named “And Sew it Began” at 211 S.1st Street recently submitted a payment request for approximately $8,325.25.  This will be reviewed by the 4B Board on 23 Feb. 2015. 

A business named “Lafitte Cajun Station” at 115 W. Main Street recently approved an award for up to $25,000.  This was approved by the City Council on 26 Jan. 2015. 

A business named “Eagle Energy Resources, LLC” at 153 S. Broadway recently submitted an application for an enhancement grant up to $25,000.  This will be considered by the 4B Board for approval on 9 Feb. 2015. 

Therefore, it is expected that the balance of this fund will soon decrease by $58,325.25.

No other projects are “in the pipeline” to receive an enhancement grant at this time.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
On 23 February 2015, the Board of the LPDC approved a reimbursement to “And Sew it Began” at 211 S.1st Street in the amount of $9,338.94.  This amount has been paid.

Although the “Lafitte Cajun Station” at 115 W. Main Street received approval for an award up to $25,000, the work has not yet been completed.

“Eagle Energy Resources, LLC” at 153 S. Broadway received approval for a grant in the amount of $25,000 from the Board of the LPDC and the City Council on 9 February and 23 February, respectively.  Upon completion of the work and proof of payment, the Board will consider authorizing staff to reimburse the business for the eligible expenses.