Clean City Street Program

About the Program

The City of La Porte is ready to begin a Clean City Street program here in La Porte that would, with a little bit of effort from a lot of folks, really help the appearance of our City. Several of the community service organizations, Rotary International, Bayshore Baptist, La Porte Lions Club, La Porte Masonic Lodge, First United Methodist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, have already participated in our program.

The program is simple. Cleaning areas are divided into 4 segments:
  • Segment 1 – Fairmont Pkwy - SH146 to Driftwood
  • Segment 2 - Fairmont Pkwy - Driftwood to Underwood
  • Segment 3 - Fairmont Pkwy - Underwood to Luella
  • Segment 4 - Spencer Hwy - Sens to Driftwood
Our department will choose one of these sections for your group to clean. Each segment is approximately equal in length. We are looking for a service group such as yours to clean one of these four segments as designated by Public Works.

For example, suppose the Rotary Club signed up for Segment 1; on Fairmont from SH146 to Driftwood, you are responsible for litter pickup on both inner and outer shoulders. We figure 10-12 people could pick up this entire area in 2-3 hours. Areas to be picked up will be designated by Public Works on an as needed basis.


Here are the benefits:
  • You get lots of exercise on the day of your choosing.
  • The litter on this segment gets picked up and La Porte looks better.
  • And, last but not least, upon verification of your completion, your organization gets a $200 check from the city for your hard work!