Delinquent Water Accounts

A Friendly Reminder About Delinquent Water Accounts

The City of La Porte Utility Billing Division has two billing cycles for water, sewer and garbage service. These cycles are based on your location within the city and cannot be changed.

Each customer is given 15 days to pay his or her water bill without penalty. On the 16th day, a 10% penalty on the current bill plus a 1% penalty on any other outstanding balance is added to the customer's bill. At this time, a delinquent notice is mailed as a reminder giving the customer an additional 10 days from the original due date to pay their bill.

Penalties will not be waived for failure to receive your bill. If you experience problems receiving your bill, contact the Post Office. A payment kiosk is located at the City Hall drive through. The kiosk is available 24 hours a day and accepts payments in the form of cash, check or credit card.

Early on the 26th day from the original bill date, if payment has not been received, service will be scheduled for disconnection. Once an account has been scheduled, a service fee of $25 will be added to your account. All payments on cut-off days must be made at the office. Anyone turning his or her service on without making payment or destroying a locking device to obtain water illegally will be subject to an automatic $25 fine. Furthermore, any unauthorized hookups or taps will be subject to a $200 fine.

For a customer that has been cut off for his or her 4th time in a calendar year, he or she will be required to place an additional deposit with us to the amount that is double that of the current deposit.