1. Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

    It is the mission of this committee to advise the city animal services division.

  2. Drainage & Flooding Committee

    The Flood and Drainage Committee provides methods to minimize flooding and facilitate drainage.

  3. Fiscal Affairs Committee

    Brings together members who play an active role in formulating and implementing tax policies.

  4. Ladies' Auxiliary Committee

    Find out when and where the Ladies' Auxiliary of La Porte meet to give support to the Fire Department.

  5. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    The La Porte, Morgan's Point and Shoreacres Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) works with local government to develop emergency plans and increase citizen awareness of the appropriate actions to take during a chemical emergency.

  6. Meet & Confer Committee

    The Meet and Confer Committee is dedicated to progress and helping resolve matters that arise in the jurisdiction of the Police Department and the City of La Porte.

  7. Wrecker Committee

    A committee to monitor compliance of the wrecker services contract.