Direct Sellers in Residential Neighborhoods


Obtains a Solicitor's Permit Application and a copy of Section from the Code of Ordinances Article V 22-286 at the City Secretary's Office.

Application Requirements

Please arrive at the City Secretary's Office with the following:
  1. Completed Solicitor's Application
  2. Required fees listed in the fees table
  3. Three(3) letters of recommendation from Harris County homeowners or out-of-town homeowners
  4. If obtaining a food permit, a Harris County medallion must be provided


Type Fee Details
License Fee
$75 Annual license runs from January to December
Surety Bond
Solicitor's Badges
$2 This badge must be worn by each solicitor going door-to-door. This fee is also refundable if the applicant does not qualify as a City solicitor.

Approval Process

The information above will be receipted in the City Secretary's Office and then forwarded to the Planning Department for review. This procedure may take approximately 1 week.

After the information is reviewed and approved by the City Secretary's Office and Planning Department, the applicant applying for the license will be notified by letter or phone.